Yes Meals

Yes Meals

Elkhorn Hills UMC Volunteer Opportunity

The Elkhorn Hills UMC Missions Committee has arranged to provide a hot meal to the YES youth once a month.  Your generous donations have been providing these meals. It is much easier to get all the food myself, rather than having individuals buy and bring the food.  If you would like to make a donation to YES, please do. The kids greatly appreciate the meals we help provide.
Thank you congregation ~ Darla Langendorfer,  If you would like to bring a meal outside of EHUMC’s schedule, please contact Youth Emergency Services at 402-345-5187.  Thank you for your generosity!

YES Mission

The mission of YES is to serve homeless and at-risk youth by providing critically-needed resources which empower them to become self-sufficient.  Basically, they help youth in crisis get back to their feet in whatever ways they can.  After meeting immediate needs for food, shelter, clothing and safety, YES creates a support system to help them flourish.  YES envisions a community which understands and embraces its youth, creating an environment where youth homelessness no longer exists.

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