Who Is God?

What a fantastic day in the life of Elkhorn Hills Church!

We celebrated many things:  Confirmation of 12 youth as full members of our church, an amazing message from two EHUMC youth “co-pastors”, a great youth-led worship service at 10:30 am, and a great report from our Finance Committee.


We congratulate and welcome the 2017 Confirmation Class into full membership of our church.  Our newest members are:  Gage Cammack, Joshua Fee, Summer Christiansen, Parker Crisman, Paul Kirchmann, Max Langland, Caitlyn McBeth, Evelyn Peek, Jake Rance, Scott Riddell, Caroline Thompson, and Sawyer Thompson.

This year the confirmation class was mentored by Lena Beeson, Josh Snyder and Brett Heckens.  Additionally, Big Brothers/Big Sisters (older youth from our church) helped support and encourage each confirmand throughout this process.Thank you, mentors, for your dedication and work with these students, and for sharing your love of Jesus Christ by serving others.

Confirmation is not a Sacrament, but a solemn rite of great importance.  Today they publicly renewed their baptismal vows and pledged loyalty under the blessing of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Nancy, Youth Director Jenny Meyer, their mentor and Big Brother/Big Sister, and their family members laid hands on each confirmand and blessed them.

Message:  Who Is God?

Youth members Lindsey Roberg and Karissa Heckens were our “co-pastors” for the morning and gave an incredible message. Speaking about your faith in front of a very large crowd as a youth/young adult takes a lot of courage, and both of these ladies did an incredible job.  Well done!

Together they helped us look at who God is.  Lindsey began her part of the message talking about science, her love of science, and, how God is the greatest scientist of all time.  Due to her curious and competitive nature, she searched for the five best scientists per Google, but said that from the very first verse of the bible, God demonstrated far greater brilliance and power than all of them together …

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

She provided humor and easy-to-relate-to stories of her experience on a mission trip to Moore, OK.  She concluded by reminding us that God has a plan for you, and he’ll get you through.

Karissa broadened the topic of Who Is God by stating that God continuously reveals himself to us through scripture, through actions and by using various names and situations.  In the following verse from Acts 17:27-28, we learn that we are meant to have a relationship with God, and as we learn more about God, our relationship deepens.

27 God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. 28 ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’

Even as we struggle in our understanding of who God is, we should continue to seek Him.   She talked about the movie, “The Shack,” which tries to portray the trinity using three people in a way we humans might understand.  There is no word in the dictionary that defines who God is, and we cannot fully understand his works or his existence, but we need to continue to learn.  Karissa challenged each of us to seek a closer relationship with God.

Youth-led Service

In addition to the excellent message by our youth co-pastors, our youth praise team led the 10:30 service.  The members of the youth praise team were:  Karissa Heckens (piano, vocals), Kaleb Heckens (guitar, vocals), Bailey Klanderud (vocals), Lindsey Roberg (vocals), Kailey Roberg (vocals), Jordyn Ritnour (percussion, vocals), and Nathanial Robinson (percussion, vocals).

Kailey Roberg led the morning prayer and Bailey Klanderud read the scripture.

Finance Committee Report

The bulletin insert updated us on the recent Matching Share Campaign challenge.  We exceeded our $60,000 goal, which means we paid ahead on our Mission Shares, paid down our debt (including principal reduction), and received matching funds from a generous donor.  Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you to the Finance Committee for their ongoing dedication and team work:  Bryan Fraser (Chair), Regina Bergman, Diane Bengtson, Julie Paustian, Fred Grabher, Tom Beeson, Pam Roth, Mike Ough, and Greg Roberg.




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