Victory Garden Gold!

On Sunday, April 19th, a memorable and entertaining announcement about the Elkhorn Hills Victory Garden was given. Unrelated to the Victory Garden announcement, Haydn and Jordyn sang a beautiful duet.

Gail Graeve opened the service with a musical introduction of Harley V. Dirtflinger to the tune of “Goldfinger” from the James Bond movie series.  Properly attired for his garden work, Harley V. Dirtflinger (aka Dick Parcher) and his Garden Girl (aka Emily Gale) made it know that 28 garden plots are ready to be claimed.  He referred to the 28 garden plots as gold mines.

“Gold has been extracted in past years from various mines!”

Yukon Gold Potatoes, that is.

In the past, successful gardeners have offered extra produce to the congregation for free-will donations or given to COPE.  (Visit the COPE website here.)
For more information email the church office at: or see Dick Parcher.

Garden Specifics

The Garden site provides 28 individual plots of 20 square feet.  A 5 foot wide pathway divides the plots for ease of access and equipment movement.

Currently 14 plots have been claimed; leaving 14 plots still available.

Each plot rents for $30.

Individuals can plant and sow crops of their choice.  Bring your own shovels, picks and other needed equipment.  (Dynamite is NOT recommended!)  Weeding, watering and proper management are your responsibility.


In 2012, Elkhorn Hills UMC started its “Victory Garden” under the care and leadership of  the Trustees, and specifically Dick Parcher (aka Harley V. Dirtflinger).  Our Victory Garden was part of the United Methodist Missouri River District’s Big Garden Project.  Grant money was used to purchase tilling equipment and starter fertilizer.  Seed potatoes, seed onions and mulch were donated by area businesses, along with a water wagon for irrigation needs.  The garden site came from unused church property that was primarily brome grass with some alfalfa.  The site plowed under was 100 feet by 120 feet. Out of this area 20 individual plots of 20 feet square were staked.

Photo Gallery

This ends the zinger from Dirtflinger.



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