Victory Garden at Elkhorn Hills

Victory Garden at Elkhorn Hills

At this morning’s service, we learned that after six seasons, Harley V. Dirtflinger, Manger General of the Victory Garden at Elkhorn Hills, has reaped his final harvest.   We are looking for someone to assume the administrative duties of the garden for next season.  The garden provides food, fellowship, education, and enjoyment to those in our congregation and community.

“The purpose of the Victory Garden at Elkhorn Hills is to feed your family and provide surplus harvest to those in need and have fun gardening while doing it.”
Thank you, Dick Parcher, for your leadership and enthusiasm for this project.  Job well done.

Victory Garden Specifics

The Garden site provides 32 individual plots of 20 square feet.  A 5 foot wide pathway divides the plots for ease of access and equipment movement.

Each plot rents for approximately $30.

Individuals can plant and sow crops of their choice.  Bring your own shovels, picks and other needed equipment.  Weeding, watering and proper management are your responsibility.


In 2012, Elkhorn Hills UMC started its “Victory Garden” under the care and leadership of  the Trustees, and specifically Dick Parcher (aka Harley V. Dirtflinger).

Our Victory Garden was part of the United Methodist Missouri River District’s Big Garden Project.  Grant money was used to purchase tilling equipment and starter fertilizer.  Seed potatoes, seed onions and mulch were donated by area businesses, along with a water wagon for irrigation needs.

The garden site came from unused church property that was primarily brome grass with some alfalfa.  The site plowed under was 100 feet by 120 feet.  Out of this area 20 individual plots of 20 feet square were staked.  As need demanded, additional plots were added and now number 32.

Elkhorn Hills UMC has used some additional plots for VBS participants to learn about gardening and to plant pumpkin seeds.  The Elkhorn Hills Preschool and Parents Day Out programs also use the garden as a learning opportunity.


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