Unfrozen Recap 2016

The children’s musical program “Unfrozen:  Do You Want to Meet a Savior?” was the most joyous event of the year.   There is nothing better than watching these kids enjoy themselves like they did.  Audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive.
Great performance, way to go!!    . . .    Fantastic Performance!!!    . . .    Adorable!!


Unfrozen:  Do you want to meet at Savior?  was a Christmas Program for the whole family at EHUMC.  It was presented Sunday, December 11th at 9 and 10:30 am.

The UnFrozen Christmas Program contained a collection of skits, songs and readings to transform the same old “once upon a time” Christmas program into an evening of joyful worship, playful presentation, and fresh examination into the story of Jesus’s birth.

Thank you

Thank you everyone!  I am so proud of those kiddos.  They worked so hard and did a fantastic job!  The ladies and gentlemen that helped pull it all together are a true blessing!  (Ashley Bossert, Children’s Ministries Director)

Thank you for the great Christmas program today, boys and girls, and teachers, helpers, and musicians who helped to make it possible! It was wonderful!!

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