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ADULT CHAPERONE– The trustees are looking for a church member who would be responsible in being an on-site chaperone during Non-Member events held at the church building.  This would involve unlocking the facility doors, remaining on the premises during the event and at the end of the activity secure the building again by locking up.  This adult chaperone will be paid per hour for their time and service.  If you would like more information, you may contact Mike Ough, Trustee Chair.

VOLUNTEER NEEDED– to tidy the sanctuary and prepare it for the next week’s service.  Check sanctuary pews and floors for items old bulletins and straighten the pew holders.  Run the dishwasher with the Sunday Coffee Fellowship items.  Tidy the sanctuary kitchen and the conference room kitchen area and take home the towels to launder. Volunteer may select day and time of their convenience during the week to ready the sanctuary. This service was provided by our beloved Christina Neth, who felt this was a way she could serve God and her church family. She blessed us all. For more information on volunteering, please see Cheryl.

In the past, the church as been willing to lend out tables and chairs, etc. to church members for their special family events, i.e. showers, graduation parties, etc.
The trustees would like to continue this convenience for their church congregation, but in order to do so, a procedure will need to be followed.
1. Check with the office and see if items are available for a specific day.
2. There is a sign-out / sign-in sheet which will need to be completed at the time items are removed and returned to the church.
3. Any item damaged while loaned out, will need to be repaired by the individual who borrowed the church property.
4. No item may be kept for more than 3 days.

Trustees Job Description

The United Methodist Book of Discipline provides this job description of a trustee:

Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.

EHUMC 2017 Trustees

Thank you to the current Elkhorn Hills Board of Trustees:  Mike Ough, Chairman, Lena Beeson, Randy Bruner, Jim Martin, Lynn Ferdig, Walt Craft, Phil Ward, Craig Bossert, and Teri Tillman.


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