Tour of Boys Town

Thank you to the Elkhorn Hills UMC Adult Education Committee for scheduling the recent Tour of Boys Town on Saturday, June 24th.  Here is a brief recap of the tour.

There were 16 adults from Elkhorn Hills who attended. We were assigned a tour guide–a young man named Jack, who resides there and will be a Junior next year. He came to Boys Town from California.

We walked through Father Flanagan’s home, the Museum of History, the Chambers (Protestant) Church and a drive through the community highlighting other areas of interest.   (The Catholic church had a wedding taking place, so another day and time for that visit).

Jack was very knowledgeable of the history of Boys Town and had a revered respect and appreciation to Father Flanagan’s Dream.  He shared a bit of history and attributes of Father Flanagan’s successors. Everyone was impressed with this young man.  He shared with me after the tour, that this was only his 2nd tour he has led.  Amazing!

It was obvious The Spirit was with him and will be at his side through his life journey.

100th Anniversary

“The Work Continues,” is a new statue that reflects the updated vision of Boys Town.  “Boys Town is about families now and not just about boys,” said Matthew Placzek, the statue artist.  The statue is 7 feet tall and was crafted in Omaha. It was cast in bronze in Colorado before returning to the Boys Town campus. The statue it replaced will now be in the Boys Town Hall of History. The public is encouraged to come see the new statue anytime.

Click here to read the OWH article about the new Boys Town Statue.

About Boys Town

While ministering to the homeless on the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, Father Edward Joseph ​Flanagan developed a lifelong interest in young people and their struggle to grow into responsible, ​productive members ​of society. Today, with your help, we continue Father Flanagan’s mission of saving children and healing families.

When Father Edward J. Flanagan purchased the Overlook Farm in 1921, it became the new, permanent ​​site of Boys Town. Over the decades that followed, schools, churches and homes were built, and tens of thousands of young lives were transformed. When you visit the Village of Boys Town, you’ll get an unforgettable glimpse into the history of an organization that has given new hope to so many at-risk children over the past 100 years.  Click on the link to learn more about Boys Town.

Boys Town is also home to parenting and child behavior experts who have developed a ​​wealth of original content over the years that is available for free in our For Paren​ts section. ​From toddlers to teens, if you have a question you need addressed, ​chances are ​we’ve got an article, video or Q&A on the subject.


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