Three Lies, One Truth

Three Lies, One Truth was the theme of this year’s Elkhorn Hills UMC Women’s Retreat.

The Elkhorn Hills UMC Women’s Retreat was held at Camp Carol Joy Holling near Ashland, NE April 28th ,29th , and 30th.  Fifteen ladies attended.  Pastor Nancy facilitated.  Music and devotions were sprinkled throughout the weekend.  One of the huge discussion questions for each was “How do we make sure our children/grandchildren don’t get sucked into each lie?”  and “What does happiness mean to us?”

Three Lies

Discussions on each lie and the truth were held in small groups.  After the small group session, we all gathered together and talked about quotes that fit each lie and read several scriptures relating to each.

Lie One:  I can be happy if I am pretty enough, thin enough, young enough, etc.

            “Pretty is as pretty does.”    (Forest Gump)

Lie Two:  I can be happy if I have lots of money, lots of possessions.

            “Honesty is a very expensive gift.  Do not expect it from cheap people.”  (Warren Buffet)

Lie Three:  I can be happy if I can just find a way to do it all.

            “The best things in life are not things.”  Maya Angelou

One Truth

One Truth: I can be truly happy if I am walking with God every day.

“The woman who walks with God will always reach her destination.”    Anonymous

Weekend Highlights

In addition to our group discussions we watched the DVD “I’m Not High Maintenance, I’m Low Tolerance!”  We also had a choice of board games, card games, crafts, prayer walk, rest, and reflection.  The highlight of worship Sunday was communion and revealing our prayer partners.  The offering Sunday was sent to the Lydia House.

The weather was cold and raining and even though the sun wasn’t shining, we knew the Son would shine all weekend.

It was a wonderful time of fellowship with some truly great ladies!

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