Thank God for Sunday School Teachers

Elkhorn Hills UMC is blessed with wonderful Sunday school teachers. God calls us all to grow in knowledge and wisdom; to go and tell what we have seen, heard and learned. Since
September, our congregation has been blessed by these teachers who were willing to commit themselves to attending church every week, spend time creating memorable, fun lessons for
their students, and share their love of Jesus Christ with the children and families of their class.

Who Are Our Sunday School Teachers?

Ashley Bossert is our Children’s Ministries Director.  She and the Children’s Council oversee the Sunday school program for preschool through 5th grade throughout the school year.

The Sunday school teachers for 2017-18 are:

Children’s Sunday School


  • Preschool: Ashley Holtz (Sub:Sammy Zelfel)
  • K/1st Grade: Megan Wilson & Christina Schroeder
  • 2 nd Grade: Brett Ritter
  • 3 rd Grade: Marlana Walla
  • 4 th /5 th Grade: Heather McBeth

These individuals have been a great blessing to Elkhorn Hills.  Please express your appreciation to them for their hard work and devotion.

Please view the video below to see a glimpse of our 2nd grade Sunday School class in action.

View Video

What Is Sunday School?

William King first started a Sunday School in Dursley, Gloucestershire, England in the 1780s to provide education to working children. Sunday School was an educational institution, which catered to children and other young people who would be working on weekdays. Many clergymen supported the schools, which aimed to teach the youngsters reading, writing, cyphering and a knowledge of the Bible.

Today’s Sunday school is a mix of activities, songs and crafts relating to a central theme or story from the Bible.  The Director and volunteers have created a curriculum that is both fun and educational to keep the children eager to learn and return to Sunday School.

Prayer of Thanks for Sunday School Teachers

We thank you God, for these teachers; for good curriculum, for creativity and patience in the learning process. Our teachers have helped us all learn to know you and learn about you.
Bless our teachers, we pray. Infuse them, and us all, with an eagerness to dwell in you and your Word. To seek and find you in our daily lives and in all our experiences where you await us throughout the year.

In Jesus’ name,


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