Solidarity over Sacrifice

We have wonderful news!  Many of you from Elkhorn Hills UMC participated in the Solidarity Over Sacrifice program and the partner packaging event with Stop Hunger Now this year.  All of your time, talents, and financial donations have made a huge impact.  You are an important part of the work that God is doing to combat hunger and bring education to people around the world.

Meals from our April, 2016, packaging event have been shipped in a container totaling 285,120 meals to El Salvador.  There the meals were received by Stop Hunger Now’s in-country partner, Convoy of Hope.

Thank you for volunteering and living in solidarity with our marginalized sisters and brothers.  Your energy, compassion and commitment to the vision of a world without hunger is appreciated.


Solidarity over Sacrifice is a Lenten Devotional Study addressing food justice and hunger issues in our world.  It was led by Pastor Tyler Kaufmann of Lenexa United Methodist Church, Lenexa, KS.  (Tyler’s parents are Elkhorn Hills UMC members Pete and Sherri Kaufmann.)  This devotional was used with a small group of Elkhorn Hills members at the Kaufmann residence.

As part of this devotional, several Stop Hunger Now! meal packaging events were held.  Elkhorn Hills UMC hosted a meal packaging event on April 9, 2016.  Approximately 100 people of all ages from churches across Nebraska filled our Family Life Center and packaged 15,117 meals in about 1.5 hours!  Visit the Stop Hunger Now’s facebook page at for updates, videos, and photos from the field.
 Awesome day packaging food for Stop Hunger Now! So much fun!

About Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Event

Meal-packaging events take place either at a Stop Hunger Now warehouse or at the volunteers’ location.  A mobile operation delivers ingredients and supplies to the location and directs the activities.  During the event, volunteers work in teams at each packaging station.

Volunteers set up and take down packaging stations and equipment, fill bins with raw ingredients, scoop ingredients into meal bags, weigh and seal the bags, box and stack them on pallets, and load the pallets and equipment onto a truck.

Meal-packaging events are a great way to educate volunteers about global hunger and inspire them to get more involved in fighting it. The events also give volunteers hands-on experience in leadership development, team-building, relationship-building, creative problem-solving, and goal-setting and achievement.

About Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope has served more than 55 million people throughout the world via international children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach, disaster response, and partner resourcing.  Convoy of Hope partners with Latin American Child Care to provide comprehensive nutrition and health programs in several Latin American countries, including El Salvador.  Through the partnership, more than 6,000 school children receive food, vitamin support, and health and hygiene education.  More than 4,000 family members receive food rations and communities have access to clean water and agriculture initiatives.

Photo Gallery

Some members of our congregation that participated in that event include:  the Pete Kaufmann family, the Tyler Kaufmann family, Jenny Louis,  Kip Meyer, and Jason Meyer.  In addition, Valeri & John Parrish, the Heather McBeth family, the Brett Heckens family, Debra Eidam, Dale & Darla Langendorfer, Howard Bergman, Greg Roberg family, and Brenda Klanderud & family.  Also, Cheryl Parcher, Lalah Landers family, Gretchen Robinson and family, Jim & Rhonda Martin, Gayle Preston, Hughes Morris family, and the Joe Zelfel family also participated.


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