God Can Welcome

We wrap up our series on Cornelius and Peter (Acts 10). We celebrate all that God can do, especially how God can welcome us into God’s presence and God calls us to welcome others.

“Jesus Church: Only the Best” Sermon 4/6

Sermon’s 1-3 on Matthew 18 focus on God being focused on “seeking and saving the lost”. The Good News is that God is obsessed with the broken, hurting, and isolated. Sermon 4 leads us to toward being a community of Christ Followers who embody God’s heart for humanity and creation by offering and seeking the…

Resurrection sunday

Welcome to Resurrection Sunday Morning worship! We are glad you are able to join us. Thanks to those who gave their expertise and equipment to make this service happen. Thank you to all who recorded in their homes and made this work!

Youth Easter sunrise service 2020

In the middle of March our youth were thinking of you and thinking of Resurrection Sunday Morning and recorded this gift “just in case”. Thank you to Jenny and your team for giving us a special service on Easter Morning!