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Thanks to all the loyal supporters of the Scrip Program.  Elkhorn Hills has participated in the program for over 10 years and supported many projects during that time.  Earlier this year, $3,000 was given to Mission Shares, which has been our main focus.

Remember, Christmas is right around the corner.  Please consider ordering your gift cards from the Scrip program.

What is Scrip?

In a nutshell, individuals purchase a gift card from the Scrip program and a percentage goes back to the church.  Percentages can vary from 2.5% to 15% depending on the card.  You may use the card for anything, not just gifts.

How to Start Using Scrip

  1. Stop by the Scrip table and purchase a gift card from one of the many in stock.
  2. Go online to and place an order to be delivered 1 week later.
  3. Place an order at the scrip table to be delivered 1 week later.
  4. Register your Bakers card online and their rewards program will send the church a check quarterly for all who participate.  No cards needed.
    • choose the Bakers store you shop at;
    • fill out the information on your demographics;
    • choose Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church;
    • Organization 15600.


If you have questions or want more information, please contact Lori Hullinger.


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