Garage Sale

Rummaging Through my Rummage Sale Thoughts

Elkhorn Hills UMC Garage Sale
Family Life Center filled with garage sale merchandise.

By Sandy Lozier

Here are some random thoughts I had about the 2014 All-Church Garage Sale for Missions.

  • There are many generous, creative, fun and hard-working people at our church.  Some I knew before the garage sale and some I did not.  I now consider them all my friends.  This is a great way to meet our fellow EHUMC members.  So thank you volunteers.  I would list all your names, but….well, you know who you are.
  • There were many, many people who came through our doors over those 3 days.  Different ages, nationalities, shapes & sizes.  And we tried to make them all welcome.  This garage sale was a great outreach to the community.
  • Our Pastor Nancy is now also a personal shopper!  She helped a handicapped lady, Clair, with her shopping.  Nancy had no idea just how much this lady intended to buy.  We were all amazed at her mountain of “treasures”.
  • A young woman from Africa who is a freshman at UNO and her mom were very happy with our prices.  I met many others who felt blessed by our large selection of clothes.
  • An opossum tried to enter the church and go shopping one morning.  Fortunately, he soon ran away.
  • I only had one customer argue with me about the prices.  I think that some people must enjoy that.  Anyway I held firm (Nina witnessed this) and the lady paid it.  C’mon people…this is a fund-raiser for missions!
  • OK, and I will make a BIG request here.  When we sort through the donations, we simply have to throw some things away.  We got broken lamps, stained linens, shoes way past their expiration, etc.   Please do not donate items that someone else would not purchase.  Remember, we want clean items in workable order.
  • Thank you again.  The cash generated by this garage sale was about $9,200.  (I forgot to subtract the $300 we got from the church to start with for the cash boxes.  So the $9,500 number I said in church on Sunday was not quite accurate.)


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