Prayer Squares

IMG_1020The Elkhorn Hills UMC Knit & Sew Group handed out simple gifts of Prayer Squares to those attending Easter services.

The Prayer Square is a simple idea.  Methodists started this idea in 1992.  It is part of a ministry that provides prayers for the people that need the warmth of God to help them through the dark times of life.  It is a gift from our Knit & Sew Group, blessed by Pastor Nancy to you.  Take one and put it in your pocket, purse or anywhere you can touch it.  When you are feeling very far away from God or need Him, just hold onto this prayer square and tell him what is happening.  Ask for His peace and help.

Thank you to the Knit & Sew Group for these special blessings from Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church.  🙂

“God is Good. God is There for You.”

God of grace, you alone know what I need at this time.  When you need comfort, encouragement, love or just feel alone, this square is your link to the Lord.  Just put this prayer square in your pocket or purse.  Reach for it and hold it in your hand while asking the Lord for help, direction or just know he is there.  You are never alone.


Prayer for Protection

This Light of God surrounds you.  The Love of God enfolds you.  The Power of God protects you.  The presence of God watches you.  Wherever you are, God is and all is well.



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