Get Your Spirit in Shape Podcast

Get Your Spirit in Shape is a free, 30-minute podcast from United Methodist Communications. Episodes feature casual conversations with leaders, authors, and others who offer spiritual nutrition and exercises to help us get and keep our spirits in shape.

Also, check out our page highlighting our interviews with our United Methodist bishops.

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  • Meet Bishop Paul Leeland: Get Your Spirit in Shape. Bishop Paul Leeland is a bishop in The United Methodist Church, a trained pastoral counselor, a chess player, and an avid reader. He also plays a musical instrument that he doesn’t tell everyone about… but he told us!
  • Faith and Star Wars: Get Your Spirit in Shape. When we heard that United Methodist pastor the Rev. Jacob Armstrong had used Star Wars in a sermon series, we wanted to learn more. So when he recently visited our studios, we asked him about it. He told us about a connection he sees between Han Solo and Jonah, and another between Luke Skywalker and the Jacob of the Bible — his namesake. He also told us how a couple of quotes from The Lord of the Rings can inform and encourage us in our spiritual journeys.
  • UMC Missionaries Share Their Lives: Get Your Spirit in Shape. Our United Methodist missionaries are sent “from everywhere to everywhere,” Thomas Kemper shares. Kemper leads the General Board of Global Ministries, the agency of The United Methodist Church responsible for the training and oversight of our more than 350 missionaries in more than 65 countries around the world.
  • Meet Bishop James Swanson: Get Your Spirit in Shape. In this conversation, Bishop Swanson talks about those early days in the church, his extraordinary call to ministry, why he encourages people to share their “glory sightings,” and the spiritual reason he carries a rock in his toiletry bag when he travels.


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