Pie in the Face Fundraiser Review

Thank you, Elkhorn Hills congregation, for your incredible generosity!  Over $900 was raised for the youth adopt-a-family Christmas mission, which means that all 5 “participants” got a pie in their face.

There were five nominees to get a Pie-in-the-Face, and five people were selected to squish the pie in their face.  The Banana Crème and French Silk pies were beautiful and delicious.

This year, the five volunteers were:  Tom Beeson, Pastor Rebecca Hjelle, Nathaniel Robinson, Stan Holt, and Jenny Meyer.  The six pie squishers were Isobelle McBeth, Maddie Tillman, Brianna Robinson, Michele Thompson, and Bailey Klanderud/Meg Carney (who shared the honor).

There was quite an audience for this event, too.  Thank you to everyone involved in this successful fundraising event!

Adopt-A-Family Christmas Mission

This is the seventh year of the Adopt-a-Family Christmas mission.  The Elkhorn Hills Youth have raised money to purchase the Christmas gifts for families and Youth Emergency Services (YES) through a Dodgeball Tournament and, for the last two years, through this Pie-in-the-Face Fundraiser.

With the funds, the youth go shopping and buy gifts on the list, which include toys, clothing, hygiene items, art supplies, books, gift cards, hand warmers, winter gear (hats, scarves, gloves), etc. Then, they spend the next few hours wrapping and labeling the gifts.

This mission is incredibly popular and meaningful to the youth.

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