Philadelphia Eagles: Super Bowl Champs and praising God’s name

The 2017 NFL season has come and gone leaving the first time champion Philadelphia Eagles on top to hoist the most treasured of football prizes. The Eagles have had up and down seasons in recent years, not seeing the playoffs last since 2013, not seeing the title game in over a decade when they faced, surprisingly, the New England Patriots in 2004. Something about this years Eagles team was a little different though. They came into the 2018 season with a chip on their shoulder, playing with a fury the likes most football fans hadn’t seen in sometime. Was their team chemistry finally clicking? Is Carson Wentz the quarterback and leader they have been hoping for since Donovan McNabb? The Eagles won 10 of their first 11 games and only lost 3 games total this year. While the Eagles were loaded with talent this year, several members, including coach Doug Pederson give their glory to God.

In an article from, a culture shift within the Eagles organization finds several members of the team are leading the charge by putting their faith in God first. “While one’s journey is faith is often quite personal, the Eagles have made it a family affair. In addition to [Carson] Wentz, wide receiver Torrey Smith, and safety Chris Maragos are also vocal leaders in the locker room, using their own stories of redemption as a rallying cry for those around them.” Three players, mid season, even made the life changing decision to declare Jesus Christ as their lord and savior and be baptized before a game.

In a sport where violence, severe injury, showboating, and the promotion of a ‘Me-First’ attitude, Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles are leading the charge to a change of how football players and athletes can and should be utilizing their celebrity platform. “I’m going to be genuine, I’m going to be authentic with believers, non-believers—it doesn’t matter. I am going to love on them. I’m going to treat them all the same. I’m going to respect them,” he said. “At the same time, as the leader of the football team, I am going to lead everybody the same… I think guys are willing to talk when you don’t have this self-righteous attitude… when you have that mutual respect, it just makes it a healthier environment.” Commented Wentz.

Below includes the article and a short video referencing the World Champion Eagles displaying their faith and how it helped them all the way to the top.

Article: The faith of the Philadelphia Eagles

1. Storm, Meg (2017, November 27) “The Faith of the Philadelphia Eagles”


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