Hannah Fisher

Hi, I’m Hannah Fisher! I’m a senior music education major at UNO. My concentration is keyboard and instrumental music, which means I play the piano and want to teach band when I graduate. Nathan and I have been friends since our freshman year, and I’m so excited to work with him, and hopefully a whole choir of new friends, to make amazing music this year! I’m a collaborative pianist at heart and I love playing for choirs, small groups, and soloists. I love teaching, I love learning, and I love meeting and connecting with new people! It is my hope that this year, we can take advantage of the unparalleled, unpredictable power of making music together: whether we’re in the choir, in the congregation, or on the couch, music reaches out to touch our hearts in ways we can’t explain or articulate. The choir will sing for the first time this year on September 26 at the 9am service: we hope to see you there!