Parenting by the Book

Coming:  A new Adult Sunday School Class for the New Year–Parenting by the Book:  Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your Child by John Rosemond.

Class Details

This “Parenting by the Book” class will be offered during the Sunday school hour beginning January 17th and will finish before Easter (8-10 wks).  Priscilla Wilson will teach the class.  Priscilla is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Nationally Certified Counselor.  Couples are encouraged to register, but is not mandatory.  Books are approximately $12-14.

If you are interested or have any questions, please talk to Priscilla (402 720-5129) or Adult Education Chairperson Bonnita Sherburne (402-707-7226).  Registration will take place Sunday, December 13th and Dec. 20th before and after services.

About the Book

Picture respectful, responsible, obedient children who entertain themselves without television or video games, do their own homework and have impeccable manners.  A pie-in-the-sky fantasy?  Not so says family psychologist and best selling author John Rosemond.  Any parent who so desires can grow children who fit that description — happy, emotionally healthy children who honor their parents and their families with good behavior and do their best in school.

In the 1960s, American parents stopped listening to their elders when it came to child rearing and began listening instead to professional experts. Since then, raising children has become fraught with anxiety, stress, and frustration. The solution, says John, lies in raising children according to biblical principles, the same principles that guided parents successfully for hundreds of years. They worked then, and they still work now!

Through his nationally syndicated newspaper column and eleven books, John has been helping families raise happy, well-behaved children for more than thirty years. In Parenting by The Book, which John describes as both a “mission and a ministry,” he brings parents back to the uncomplicated basics. Herein find practical, Bible-based advice that will help you be the parent you want to be, with children who will be, as the Bible promises, “a delight to your soul” (Pro. 29-17).   As a bonus, John also promises to make you laugh along the way.


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