Palm Sunday 2017

We had a wonderful worship service on Palm Sunday (April 9th), which included several special musical performances.   The very talented duo of Deb Eidam and Carol Campbell performed two beautiful duets with Deb Eidam on organ and piano and Carol Campbell on piano for both.  Both of these pieces were excellent!   In addition, the children processed through the sanctuary with palms, which is always joyful.

The Chancel Choir presented the cantata, “Colors of Grace:  Lessons for Lent.”  This musical work explored the greatest lessons of Jesus’ ministry (service, obedience, humility and forgiveness) using simple symbols of worship with sensitive and expressive music.   This cantata beautifully reflected the spectrum of God’s grace upon our lives and was a meaningful way to lead us into Holy Week.

In between services, the annual Easter Egg Hunt was held for the children.  The youth hid the eggs throughout the yard, and the kids had a fabulous time finding them.


The beautiful prologue and epilogue included a duet between Emily Gale on flute and Deb Eidam on piano.

The verse from Matthew 11:29 was the basis of the message.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

The Basin and Towel:  A Servant’s Song

Lesson 1:  Service

The Cup:  A Shadow Fell on Sharon’s Rose

Lesson 2:  Obedience

The Crown of Thorns:  O Gentle Jesus

Lesson 3:  Humility

Come To The Cross

Lesson 4:  Forgiveness


Thank You

A huge thank you to all the people involved in putting this special cantata together.   Our Music Director and Music Administrator Tyler Hughes did a fantastic job organizing the beautiful cantata today.  As always, Deb Eidam did an outstanding job accompanying throughout the cantata.

Chancel Choir

Members of the Chancel Choir include:  Howard Bergman, Carol Campbell, Paul Dritley, Emily Gale, Gail Graeve, Janet Holt, Michal Hume, Pete Kaufmann, Heather McBeth, Brett Ritter, Gretchen Robinson, Blake Smith, Melissa Smith, Karen Spracklin, Marlana Walla, and Priscilla Wilson.


The narrators for the cantata did a great job, and they were Paul Dritley, Janet Holt, Emily Gale, and Melissa Smith.

Symbol Representatives

Presenting the symbols of worship were the following youth members:  Bailey Klanderud presented the basin and towel (for service); Allen Walla presented the cup (for obedience); Nathanial Robinson presented the crown of thorns (for humility); and Caitlyn McBeth presented the cross (for forgiveness).

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