Joining Elkhorn Hills UMC

If you are considering membership at Elkhorn Hills UMC, the first step is to talk to the Pastor.  Call the church office and set up a time to meet and learn more about the church.

Membership Responsibilities

There is a simply pathway for the journey to becoming a deeply committed Christian.  It starts with a learning community and a commitment to Christian community life involving your prayers, presence, gifts and service.  More specifically, the membership expectations of Elkhorn Hills UMC include:

  • To find a way to grow in faith outside of worship, through Bible Study and Christian community. (Prayers)
  • To worship every week, unless sick or out of town.  (Presence)
  • To give in proportion to your income, moving toward the tithe. (Gifts)
  • To serve regularly according to your interest, spiritual gifts, and talents. (Service)

At Elkhorn Hills, you have numerous resources at your immediate disposal to help you on your journey.  If you have any questions concerning membership expectations or these materials, please contact any member of the staff.  We will be happy to assist you.