Our Church

Our Church

About Elkhorn Hills UMC

Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church strives to share our love of Jesus Christ by serving others.  We are dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of all ages.  Our Preschool provides a unique and loving Christian environment for the community.  Our inclusive Children’s Ministry gives children ample opportunities to experience God’s love for them.  Our Youth Ministry bring exciting and meaningful experiences to discuss and practice what we preach.  Our Adult Ministries allow us to continue our spiritual growth inside and outside our local community.  Through our participation in the connectional system of the United Methodist Church, our ministry spreads around the world.  We look forward to an unlimited future as the Elkhorn community continues to grow and a God continues to bless.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.   The United Methodist Church practices open communion, meaning that all are welcome at the Lord’s Table, including children, regardless of denominational affiliation.

Our History

The first worship service for Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church convened on Father’s Day of 1984 in a rented, one room storefront off West Dodge Road.  An official “charter service” was held on October 21st with 86 members and 57 youth and children in attendance.  Rev. Kenneth McClain led the early services, as well as many developmental activities.

The Rev. Bill Ritter assumed the pastoral duties after Elkhorn Hills’ inaugural year. He had come from a congregation that had just celebrated its 100th year anniversary to a congregation that had no building, little tradition, but big dreams.  On May 7, 1987, ground-breaking services were held on a wind swept knoll that was to become a church less than 9 months later.