October is Pastor Appreciation Month

Gratitude can be shown in simple ways

Service as a pastor extends far beyond the sermon delivered each Sunday. Indeed, most pastors work far beyond a 40-hour work week as they prepare the weekly message, plan out the worship service, lead Bible studies, visit the sick and handle everything from making repairs in the church to printing the weekly bulletins.

October traditionally is a time for congregations to pause and show their appreciation for the work done by their pastors. The second Sunday of the month has become known as Pastor Appreciation Day, but many congregations spread the effort out over the course of the month.

Whether it’s a simple card, a hand-written note or a monetary token of appreciation, consider taking time this month to show your pastor how much you appreciate what he or she does for your church and community.

Establishment of Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastor Appreciation Day began with the establishment of Clergy Appreciation Month.

  • In Timothy 1 (5:17), Paul began the concept of clergy appreciation when he stated that the elders of the church are worthy of a double honor.
  • He reiterated this idea in Thessalonians 1 (5: 12-13) when he stated that that those who work hard among you should be held in the highest regard for their work.

This idea became Clergy Appreciation Month in 1992, established by pastors and religious workers. Eventually, Pastor Appreciation Day would form out of this month.


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