NUMB Bike Ride 2017

More than 135 bicycle riders have prepared to explore the wide-open plains of Nebraska as part of the 22nd annual Nebraska United Methodist Bike (NUMB) Ride for Hunger. This event draws bicycle enthusiasts from across the country to ride for 250 miles on a circuit across the state.  The NUMB Bike Ride is sponsored by the Great Plains United Methodist Conference Risk Taking Mission and Justice Team.

This year the ride is scheduled for June 25-28, with an optional day ride June 24. This year’s route features cattle-raising country in the northeastern portion of Nebraska.

Camping in Albion

Riders eat breakfast and dinner together, hosted by United Methodist churches in Wisner, Albion, Plainview and Ponca. Riders sleep in campgrounds in those areas.  To support riders, assistance is available to repair bikes, fix flat tires and tend to health concerns along the route.

“I always tell the NUMB riders this is the most enjoyable week they will have riding a bike,” Rev. Bill Ritter, Blue River District superintendent said. “It is a guilt-free, good time. Not only are you out enjoying some of God’s most beautiful handiwork, but because you are here you are making a difference in this world.”

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More than 110 bicycle riders were in Albion, June 25, Sunday and stayed overnight on their circle tour to raise money for world hunger relief.  This was the first leg of their four-day journey covering more than 250 miles, and the first leg was the longest, covering 79 miles from the starting point at Wisner to Albion.

The bikers enjoyed cool temperatures and favorable winds for the first day, and many of them had arrived in Albion by early afternoon.

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Portions of this post came from the Albion News and the Great Plains


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