NUMB 2015 — Boomerang Down Under Tour

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NUMB is a fundraising event to motivate donors to contribute to alleviating hunger all around the world.  2015 will be our 20th year.  Since it’s inception, NUMB has distributed over $700,000 for the hungry of the world.  Come be a part of NUMB 2015 and make a difference for those who are hungry– ride, donate to a rider or volunteer as a support person.  Read more here: NUMB Hunger Projects.

NUMB 2015

NUMB 2015 will be a 245+ mile loop starting and ending in Ogallala, Nebraska.  We are calling NUMB 2015 the Boomerang Down Under Tour.  Why?  In our 20 years of NUMB we have only had two towns repeat as hosts.  This will be our second tour with Ogallala as a host.  We came back—just like a boomerang!  We will be stopping in Sidney, but our Sidney has Cabela’s and no Sydney Opera House (and that little thing about if you spell it with an “i” or a “y”).  And did you know some Colorado tourism folks refer to the area of Colorado around Haxtun as the “down under” as in down under the Nebraska Panhandle?  And who knows, by the time we get to Imperial, Nebraska, our SAG stops might be offering Vegemite instead of peanut butter!  For those of you with altimeters on your bike computers you might want to leave them at home.  From Ogallala to Sidney we will be in the historic Oregon Trail route that sought the easiest route west.  Sidney to Haxtun and Haxtun to Imperial is nowhere near the Colorado Rockies by geography or topography and then you only have the ride back to Ogallala.  Well Mate, are you ready to ride?

The official start of NUMB 2015 is the Saturday evening Rider’s Meeting on June 27th, but for those arriving early to Ogallala, there will be an optional pre-NUMB loop ride on Saturday morning. This will be a short warm up before the actual NUMB ride starts the next day.


June 27th — Ogallala – Optional Day Ride
June 28th — Ogallala – Sidney  68* miles
June 29th — Sidney – Haxtun, CO  73* miles
June 30th — Haxtun – Imperial  55* miles
July 1st — Imperial – Ogallala  48* miles

*Mileage approximate and subject to change


NUMB is open to all interested cyclists. You do not have to be United Methodist to participate in NUMB. The ride will be limited to the first 150 riders. Riders will be coming from all across the nation as well as Nebraska to be a part of this ride. Riders 18 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian.  NUMB will be challenging and riders must be in excellent riding condition and using quality biking equipment.

NUMB is a camping tour and if you are one of the lucky ones to score a motel room, you are responsible to get yourself and gear to the motel and back to the truck.


Online registration is now closed.  If you would like to be on the waiting list, please download a registration form and mail it in with your registration fee. As spots open up we will contact you and add you to the registration list for NUMB 2015. Registration Form

For more information you can contact us here: Contact Us.  If you would like to be on our email list be sure to subscribe in the top right corner and you will receive an email when registration opens.

Tour Leadership

Rev. Bill Ritter, Great Plains Blue River District Superintendent, member of Bicycle Tour Network is our Tour Leader for the twentieth year. Bill has led numerous cross-Nebraska bike tours for the United Methodist Church since the 1980’s and is a veteran of fourteen BRAN trips.  He has participated in RAGBRAI, MS150, BAK, SAGBRAW, Tour de Kota, Candisc , BAM, WOW and various other Bike Tours.  Also serving you on NUMB are:  Route Director, Greg Bakewell; Registrar/Director’s Assistant, Regina Bergman; Social Director, Nina Clark; SAG Directors, Wayne and Kathy Minikus; Bike MechanicGeoff Paterson, Olympia Cycle of Omaha, NE; Bike MechanicDick Vandenberg, Nebraska Cycling and Fitness, Columbus, NE.



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