Jana’s Fund

Jana Koopmans, a young mother and wife, was a member of the Elkhorn Hills United Methodist church when she was diagnosed with Leukemia.  While fighting her battle with cancer, Jana and her family felt comforted by the kindness that her church family provided.  Elkhorn Hills UMC members gathered together to support the family by offering prayers, by visiting with her during her stays at the hospital, and by delivering meals to the family.  Even though Jana had great support, she was not able to overcome her struggle with the cancer.  In order to thank the church for their kind-heartedness and to keep Jana’s memory and spirit alive, the Koopmans family initiated “Jana’s Fund”.  The fund serves as a reminder to the congregation to be aware of those in need; that Methodists share our love for Jesus Christ by serving others.  Now and then a little financial assistance is needed to help members of the congregation, and those dear to them, to get through tough times.  Donations to replenish Jana’s Fund are collected each year so that those who are going through a rough patch can find a bit of relief.  The funds are administered by the Pastor on a discretionary basis as needs arise.