Love Graffiti

Colossians 3:12-15

Elkhorn Hills Preschool learned about “Love Graffiti” during chapel this week.  The scripture verse from Colossians 3:12-17 reinforces this message.

Graf*fi*ti:  graffiti are writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed, without permission, on a wall or other surface in a public place.

Most of the time, graffiti doesn’t share love, however, it can and that was the message Pastor Rebecca spoke about to preschoolers and to the congregation.

Sunday’s sermon, “Bring It!  Our Witness” encouraged us to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.   Being a witness and sharing the good news are more than words…they are actions, how we live our lives on the days we are not in church…how we treat others…the acts of service we do for others without taking credit.

“Love Graffiti” can remind us to begin each day with that mindset that we are loved, we rock, Jesus LOVES US!, etc., and to carry that with us throughout the day and to share it with others.

Despite the traffic jams, the long lines to check out at the store, the incidents throughout the day that don’t go our way, we need to remember that we are dearly loved, we are wonderfully made, we are children of God…and so are the others we encounter.

Have you shared “Love Graffiti” today?

Christian Outreach Program of Elkhorn (COPE)

During the service we also heard from Jim Tomanek, Executive Director of COPE.  He spoke about the good things COPE is doing in our community, the opportunities for adults and youth to volunteer, and ways to donate.

Currently, Paul Dritley is our Elkhorn Hills UMC representative to the COPE Board.

COPE Mission

The Christian Outreach Program – Elkhorn (COPE) is a multi-denominational non-profit organization made up of eleven Christian churches in western Douglas County. We help families stay in their homes and keep food on the table by providing financial assistance, caring concern, educational assistance and referrals when needed most. COPE provides HOPE to our neighbors in need, regardless of religious beliefs, cultural, or ethnic background, while maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served.

COPE provides Comprehensive Emergency Services:

  • Food pantry including fresh vegetables, meat, and bread
  • Clothing, household goods, and furniture
  • Utility and rental assistance
  • Job, health, dental, legal, and home improvement referals and services

Special Community Distributions – You can register to receive our special distributions, including:

  • Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program
  • Backpacks with School Supplies

Clothing Closet – You are free to shop our Clothing Closet once per month, not to exceed 9 times per year.  The  Clothing Closet is located at the COPE office.

Home Furnishings – You are free to shop our Home Furnishings once per month, not to exceed 9 times per year.  The  Home Furnishings area is located at the COPE office.

Prayer – We would love the opportunity to pray for you and your family.  Please send your prayer requests to

All donations of clothing, and home furnishings donations are given to those in need free of charge.


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