I love Easter!

I love Easter! If you’re a Christian why wouldn’t you love Easter! Easter is the day we received our name ‐ Christian. When Jesus rose from the dead he rose as the Christ, the Son of God, our Savior. So we are followers of Christ ‐ Christians. Easter is our day! It’s meant to celebrate.

Before the celebration, however, we go through the experience of Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. We recognize special days, certain events that occur before the Easter celebration. We celebrate Palm Sunday by waving palms as people did long ago, singing songs of praise to Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem. Everyone was on his side ‐ they all loved Him. What a day! Certainly a bittersweet day for Jesus because He knew that some of
the very people who were praising Him that day would call for his death just a few days later.

We observe Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples on a day we call Maundy Thursday.  This year at Elkhorn Hills we will recognize the significance of this day in a somewhat different day by hearing personal witnesses from some of the women who knew Jesus.  These women were certainly Jesus’ disciples and they have many things to tell us about Him.  Then we will celebrate The Lord’s Supper together as those gathered in the Upper Room that night celebrated the annual Passover.

On Good Friday we remember the death of Jesus on a cross, the execution style reserved for the most terrible criminals of His day.  It is a somber day as we reflect on the suffering and pain he endured.  We will have a half‐hour worship time beginning at 12:00 Noon on that day. If you work, perhaps you can come by for part of your lunch hour to hear the story read and to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for you.

And then it will be Easter and we will greet the rising sun (and the rising Son!) at 6:30 that morning as the youth lead us in a service of worship and then they will serve breakfast after that service.  We will worship at our usual times that morning with music and singing and preaching and praying!  It will be a wonderful day for all of us ‐ and for Christians everywhere.

Please join us for these activities and celebrations.  And don’t forget the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids following the 10:15 service on April 13.  Easter is a wonderful time to invite people to church ‐ so let’s do it!

Grace and Peace,


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