Lena’s Real Story of Survival

Elkhorn Hills UMC member Lena Beeson was one of nine stories recently included in the “Real Stories of Survival” presented by the Great Plain Colon Cancer Task Force.  Lena and her family demonstrated incredible faith and strength during this time.

Lena’s Story

After a week of stomach distress and doctor appointments, we finally made a trip to the ER.  X-rays revealed a blocked colon and 5 liver lesions. Colon surgery resulted in the removal of 1 foot of the descending colon, a colostomy and a port.  Diagnosis: Stage 4 colon cancer.  Chemo started 2 weeks later.  We received hundreds of cards, letters, prayers and meds.  Our Church (Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church) took care of all our needs.  They were incredible.  Nine months later the 5 liver lesions were reduced to one so chemo was stopped, the left lobe of the liver was removed and the colon reattached — almost good as new.  Then 9 months later a spot was found on my lung and it was removed so I needed no more chemo.  Now, 8 months and two clean scans later, I’m cancer free.  A miracle. Praise the Lord.

About the Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force

The Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force is dedicated to increasing the number of lives saved from colon cancer through education, early detection, and prevention.

The Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force was formed in 1999 to increase public awareness of colon cancer and the importance of early detection and prevention.  Health organizations, businesses, colon cancer survivors and volunteers throughout the community engaged in a comprehensive effort to get the community talking about colon cancer and to provide free colon cancer screenings.

Check out the Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force website for more survivor stories.  Click on other tabs for additional information about the Task Force.


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