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The Jamaica VIM Team Needs Our Help! This year the Jamaica VIM team is helping with two home renovation projects. These particular projects are dear to the hearts of the VIM team since they have known the receiving individuals for several years and consider them a part of their family. Construction projects in Jamaica are costly since most materials are shipped into the country and the team is trying to raise enough money to complete both. Due to the graciousness of the Elkhorn Hills UMC congregation, over $1,500 was obtained to complete these important renovations.  Thank you to everyone who chose to support this effort!

Project 1: Building a Foundation

The first project involves a wonderful woman who has taken pride in taking care of herself. She has never asked for much, and in fact, has typically given gifts to VIM members to share with their team. Unfortunately, with the expansion of a Royal Caribbean cruise line port, ground water now runs off into her home. She has struggled to get the local government to assist her and needs the team to help build a foundation to build her a home on higher ground where the water can’t seep into her floorboards.

Jamaica VIM Team Project 1a
Jamaica VIM Team Project 1b
Jamaica VIM Team Project 1c

Project 2: Home Renovation

The second project involves a young man who has grown up in the church and has consistently helped the VIM teams with projects. He financially helps his mother when he can; taking up jobs as a cook, a delivery person, or whatever else is available. He tries to live on his own but often ends up back home with his mother. The home that they share is in need of repair; the top priority is getting the ceiling fixed, which has fallen down due to water damage. He has never asked the VIM teams for help before and is ready to help them once again with another construction project – one that will benefit his mother and himself this time.

Jamaica VIM Team Project 2


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