Internship to Uganda #6

Kerri Carleton is a young member of Elkhorn Hills UMC.  She is working in Kamuli, Uganda (Africa) this summer and is keeping in touch with family and friends through her blog.  Her family has given permission for us to share information about her experience.

Please keep Kerri and her team in your prayers during her internship.  Prayers for safety and strength!  You may contact Donna Carleton for information about donating to Kerri to assist her with expenses.

Week of June 27.  (Report for week 4 of 6.)

Activities and Accomplishments

The beginning of my week started with interviewing in Namasagali area and I was able to get 17 interviews on Wednesday, 11 interviews on Thursday and only 4 interviews done on Friday. We had a football match with Namasagali on Friday, so our day ended early.

Friday night, we came up with rough drafts and outlines for our bi-national posters as well as our internship poster outlines. Ellie, my bi-national team partner, and I were stumped on what to do for our poster due to all of the miscommunications and little amount of time. We were finally told that we could attempt a sprinkler irrigation system in the Namasagali school gardens.

On Saturday, we cooked three American dishes as a team and the Makerere students cooked three Ugandan dishes as a team for our Independence Day party. We cooked hamburgers, cheesy potato casserole, and cinnamon rolls and the Makerere students prepared millet bread, chicken luwombo, and g-nut stew and fish. We had loud speakers and switched off between Ugandan bops and American hits and got to socialize with each other outside of the classroom and fields.

On Sunday, we worked on lesson plans and bi-national plans and ended the day with discussion.

What is Going Well

This week I really felt like I was finally getting caught up in terms of surveying and I was able to make more time for my bi-national team. Overall it felt a lot more organized.

What Needs To Be Changed

While things were more organized in real life, they definitely were still chaos on paper. I need to start entering data and get a lot of logistics in order.

What I Am Doing Well

I am finally starting to feel flexible and like I am getting everything done regardless of transportation and communication mishaps.

What Do I Need to Change

I feel that now that I am feeling more flexible and comfortable, I need to buckle down on my secondary obligations that I have been putting off, like my bi-national team project.

How Can I Affect Change in the Internship

I can affect change by staying positive and focused in whatever may come in the last few weeks, regardless if I hit my goals or not.


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