Internship to Uganda #2

Brian, Kerri, and Donna Carleton at the airport

Kerri Carleton is a young member of Elkhorn Hills UMC.  She is working in Kamuli, Uganda (Africa) this summer and is keeping in touch with family and friend through her blog.  Her family has given permission for us to share information about her experience.

Please keep Kerri and her team in your prayers during her internship.  Prayers for safety and strength!  You may contact Donna Carleton for information about donating to Kerri to assist her with expenses.

Mom’s Perspective

Kerri has asked me to update her blog while she is gone.  I will post snippets that I receive from her throughout her journey in an “as-is” format, but I will also try to give you a bit more insight when I have it.  🙂

Leading up to this point, you should know she has been extremely excited, fearless, and well prepared.  Brian and I have had a hands off approach, only giving advice when asked and really letting her maneuver through the logistics of this trip.
  • She took the initiative to get all of her shots, sponsorships, passport/visa, etc.  Brian and I even had a little scare when we thought she may not have everything in order minutes before boarding the plane.  She did! I am so proud of her.  We literally didn’t help her much at all for this trip as we needed her to demonstrate independence, courage, and above all, faith, to carry this out on her own.
She was “wheel’s up” at 11:30am Central Standard Time on June 5th while I sat blubbering at Eppley Airfield and snapchatted the process.  I offered to fly with her to MSP to meet up with her peers and even Amsterdam to spend extra time with her, but she politely declined my offer.
“I’ve got this, Mom.”


I received the text at 2:32pm on June 6th that she arrived.  For those of us not quick at math, that is 27 hours!   Her text said she planned to go straight to bed when she got to the hotel.  I don’t blame her!

Her first two days will be in Kampala and will primarily consist of travel and jetlag recovery, currency exchange, shopping for personal supplies, and packing items for team orientation.  She recommended I put the KAMPALA clock on my world clock (iphone), so I would know what time it was for her.

UP NEXT: Queen Elizabeth National Park where she will meet up with the local college students (MAK) and then on to Kamuli where she will do her work.

Sleeping Nets


Text From Kerri:  have to sleep in nets!! can’t use tap water! but other than that it’s pretty nice. will be here for two nights then the next two nights will be at queen elizabeth national park. will send pics of our tentative schedule when i wake up tomorrow but i’m off to bed!


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