Internship in Uganda #1

Kerri Carleton is a young member of Elkhorn Hills UMC.  She is the eldest daughter of Brian and Donna Carleton.  After graduation from Elkhorn South High School, she is a junior at Iowa State University majoring in Global Resource Systems with two minors:  Spanish and Sustainability.  She is working in Kamuli, Uganda (Africa) this summer and is keeping in touch with family and friend through her blog.  Her family has given permission for us to share information about her experience.

Please keep Kerri and her team in your prayers during her internship.  Prayers for safety and strength!  You may contact Donna Carleton for information about donating to Kerri to assist her with expenses.

GLOBE Internship Requirement

The GLOBE major requires an overseas internship to gain relative experience in our fields. I chose to serve in Kamuli, Uganda through the Iowa State – Uganda Program. There, I will be meeting with community officials to conduct independent research on the water resource systems that each community uses outside of the deep water wells that Iowa State has provided, as well as the quality and costs of those outside resources. I will also be surveying and observing the process of installing new boreholes, and I will have the opportunity to learn how to decide where to place boreholes in Kamuli. I am extremely blessed to be able to gain experience in water sustainability in rural Africa.

The second aspect of my internship is my service that I provide to the primary schools in Kamuli: my participation in a bi-national team with my peers from ISU and students from Makerere University in Uganda. I was placed on the irrigation team, and we will be implementing drip irrigation systems throughout the school gardens, and testing out which irrigation systems are more efficient while also cost-effective.   I have been told by my supervisors to be flexible, as everything that I am planning to do can change at the drop of a hat!

Service Requirement

My internship coordinators and professors have asked me to teach in one of the three primary schools in the area. I was originally a bit disappointed when I didn’t think I would be able to teach, so I was excited by this change of events!
I will be teaching mathematics, more specifically fractions, twice a week to fifth graders at a school called Naluwoli. I am extremely nervous for this portion of my internship because I did not expect it. Although the children speak English, like any other English-speaking country the language is very different from the English we speak in America. Thankfully, I will have a partner teacher from my bi-national team member from Makerere University. Even though math has always been a shaky subject for me, I am excited to work in a team to teach these children.  I’ve spent the past five summers nannying and so I have a lot of experience and love for working with kids!



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