Human Relations Day

Human Relations Day Sunday

On January 13, 2019, Elkhorn Hills UMC will recognize Human Relations Day Sunday with a special offering.  Rev. I Maliik Safir, whose church works with those gripped by addiction in Little Rock, sums up the work of Human Relations Day by recalling Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan:

“to meet the poor, the disadvantaged and the underserved at the places where others have robbed them and help them to recover from the wounds of social inequality.”

Turn on the news or drive around the outskirts of your town and you will find what Jesus called “the least of these.” Those living in the margins of society, struggling to survive.  People like:

  • An immigrant teenager in Texas’ poorest county, being recruited by a local gang
  • A father struggling for sobriety in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • An Oklahoma woman recently released from incarceration looking for work

Over and over Jesus served people like this, embracing them. And that’s what we want to model as the people of The United Methodist Church.

Together, we extend a helping hand to those in crisis so they can overcome formidable obstacles. To continue the ministry of Jesus we established Human Relations Day as a Special Sunday that calls all of our churches to participate in helping all God’s children to realize their potential.

Will You Support the Ministry of Christ Among Those on the Margins?

Will you continue to support Human Relations Day?

Will you continue nurturing at-risk youth, strengthening communities’ self-improvement efforts and advocating for the oppressed?

See the  Community Developers’ Program U.S. Site Map here.

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