Handbell Workshop

A big “Thank you” to the River City Ringers who came to Elkhorn Hills UMC on Wednesday, February 21st.  Three ringers from the River City Ringers came and instructed our choir on various techniques.  It was great!

Heavenly Bells

Elkhorn Hills UMC has a handbell choir named “Heavenly Bells” that performs on church holidays and 5th Sundays of the month.  Bell choir practices are held on Wednesday evenings from 6-7 pm.  Contact Deb Eidam (eidamdeb@yahoo.com) for more information.  Click here for other information about Music at Elkhorn Hills UMC.

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About River City Ringers

River City Ringers is a dedicated group of ringers who provide cultural enrichment by ringing music. The group provides a focused opportunity to present a wide range of sacred, secular and original handbell music through concerts and educational programs. The choir cooperates with the national community and professional handbell ensemble movement in raising the awareness and standards of English handbell ringing locally, regionally and nationally. They also assist in developing diverse ringing opportunities for those who ring handbells in the Metro area and foster fun and fellowship.

The choir musicians have been involved in the art of handbell ringing for many years. We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to fostering public interest in the art of handbell ringing. The choirs ring with a five octave set of Schulmerich Handbells from a grant by the Paul and Oscar Giger Foundation in memory of Ruth Musil Giger. They also ring with a five octave set of Malmark Choir Chimes purchased in part with grants from the Fremont Community Foundation and the Lester A. Walker Foundation. In addition, the choirs have a five octave set of Malmark Bells provided by the generous donation of John and Mary Wilson and an anonymous donor.


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