Grandparents Day prayer

Grandparents Prayer Service 2018

On September 9th, the Elkhorn Hills Adult Education Committee sponsored a wonderful Grandparents Prayer Service.  Following the service, participants enjoyed a great ice cream social, which raised $168 for preschool scholarships.

Thank you, Adult Ed Committee!

Elkhorn Hills Grandparents, let’s unite in prayer for our young ones. From A to Z, let’s be intentional Grandparents.

About this Event

Our grandchildren are being thrust into a confusing, uncertain and turbulent world. Who will help them meet the challenge?

The Christian Grandparenting Network believes godly grandparents are in a position to stand in the gap through prayer and help them meet this challenge. The call is being issued to YOU to line arms with grandparents across this land as they gather in their communities and churches to intercede on behalf of our grandchildren and our families.

Grandparent Declaration

Yes, I am a Christian Grandparent, but I am more than that.  I am an Intentional Christian Grandparent, and this is my declaration:

I love my grandchildren, so I will

  • Hold them when they’re born,
  • Cuddle them when they are one,
  • Chase them when they are two,
  • Read to them when they are three,
  • Pray with them when they are four, and
  • Laugh at their jokes when they are five.

I will support them, exhort them, cheer them, revere them, praise them, and even help raise them.

I will be there for them, for that’s not enough!

As an Intentional Christian Grandparent, I will do more. I will pass on not only my faith, but my vision beyond that.  I will perpetuate my faith.

Therefore, I will teach two generations.  I will not only teach two generation, I will think four generations.

I will be an Intentional Grandparent!

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