GRACE Adult Sunday School 2015

The GRACE Adult Sunday School class is a fun, active group that enjoys fellowship and community service.  If you have a project, mission, or study idea, come share it with us.  GRACE class meets during the Sunday School hour in the classroom down the hall from the office.

Please join us for our Welcome Brunch on September 20th, with our new study starting on Sept 27th.  Camp Fontanelle  BBQ is Sept 20th so those helping won’t miss a lesson, some will head to Camp after our Brunch.  Come see what GRACE class has planned for the coming year.  Contact person is Lena Beeson.  Contact the church office for contact information.  (Due to Carnival Sunday with a potluck, which is scheduled for Sept 13th, the GRACE class will participate with that church event and have our welcome brunch the following week.)

Our study for the start in September will be “God is NOT Dead”.

About this Bible Study

Do you know what you believe? Are you prepared to defend it? In today’s anti-Christian culture, every Christian needs to have a firm foundation and be prepared to stand for their faith. 1 Peter 3:15 says, “…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have…” (NIV).   But many people today do not know why or what they believe and are not prepared to defend their faith, let alone take a stand for it when opposition and persecution come.

Based on the hit movie, God’s Not Dead, this 6-week study will help you be prepared to defend of your faith. It will give you a strong foundation of Scripture and evidence to stand on that will not only help you stay strong, but allow you to reach friends and family for Christ.

This study guide includes the following six lessons:

  • Get Prepared – Learn and know the evidence for the existence of God through the truth of His word and the world He made.
  • Have No Fear – Be confident as you step out and share the reasons to believe.
  • Embrace the Evidence – The beginning of the universe points to a creator.
  • Marvel at the Design – The complexity of life points to an intelligent Designer.
  • Understand God’s Purpose – Making sense of evil and suffering in a broken world.
  • Share the Message – Start the adventure of sharing God’s truth to the world around you.
  • By mastering the foundations of faith, you should be able to not only survive the assault of skepticism but thrive in any setting regardless of the challenge – and help others as well. In the end you will be able to confidently proclaim to anyone in any setting: God’s Not Dead!


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