Goracke Help Award

Jenny & Kip Meyer

Congratulations to EHUMC member Kip Meyer for receiving the “Goracke Help Award” at the recent Elkhorn High School football banquet.  Coach Wortman presented the award at the banquet unbeknownst to Kip who was volunteering at the Elkhorn Hills Youth Group that night.

About the Goracke Help Award

The Goracke Help Award is presented to an individual who spends countless hours helping the Elkhorn Antler football program shape the lives of young individuals to become better people.  No one fits that category better than Kip. Over the years he has sacrificed his time and energy to help coach and inspire our students to be all they can be. (Presentation made by Coach Wortman)
It was my honor to give this 2017 award to Kip.

In addition  . . .

Besides coaching Freshmen football at Elkhorn High School as a volunteer, he keeps stats for the Varsity Football team, and volunteers as the Elkhorn Trap Coach.   In addition, Kip regularly volunteers with the Elkhorn Hills Youth Group.  He gives of his time, his talents and shares his faith with all of the kids and he does it all so unselfishly and humbly.
Congratulations, Kip, on this well-deserved award!


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