Garage Sale Results for 2018

Our 11th annual Garage Sale for Missions was a record breaking year.  This year’s proceeds raised the total amount donated to various missions programs from the Garage Sale program above the $100,000 threshold.  The 2018 sale was the second largest year in terms of sales proceeds.

As always, thanks go out to many people . . .

Thank You

To everyone who played a part in this year’s sale, a huge THANK YOU!! What you do makes a difference in the lives of many.

  • Thank you who donated items for us to sell.
  • Thank you who helped sort, clean, price and display the items.
  • Thank you who worked the sale.
  • Thank you who purchased items on the pre-sale “members only” night.
  • Thank you who helped clean up after the sale.
  • Thank you who baked cookies.
  • Thank you who moved furniture; especially if you moved it more than once.
  • Thank you to Dino’s Storage.
  • Thank you if your name is LuAnn, Lena, Sandy, Paul or Cathy.

And, to all of you who did many more “behind the scenes” things to make our sale one of the best around, Thank You!

Use of Proceeds

Our 2018 sales total was $11,000–the second largest in our 11-year history.

Some people have asked where the garage sale money goes. All of the profit from the Garage Sale for Missions goes to fund the Missions Committee and their various projects. Just to name a few, the funds raised help support COPE, Youth Emergency Services, Camp Fontanelle, NUMB, and Habitat for Humanity. We have provided mission trip scholarships and in the past have helped the church pay our Mission Shares.

Further, items that did not sell have been donated to Habitat ReStore, the Salvation Army, the Humane Society, Lutheran Family Services, and others.


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