What’s Faith Got to Do with It? Sermon Series

Following Easter, we will be digging deeper into the ways that our Christian faith shapes the way we live life, make decisions, and build relationships.

Pastor Rebecca Hjelle
Pastor Rebecca Hjelle

On Sunday, April 15th we’ll begin a new sermon series called: What’s Faith Got to Do with It? and for the four weeks following that we’ll talk about the ways that it shapes our relationships, our work, our finances, and our future.

I’m excited about beginning this series and I hope that you’ll join us either in person or online as we dig deeper.  May this Spring be a season of growing in grace and faith together!

Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians will be our guide as we move through this series, so I’d like to encourage you to join me in reading the entire book – all 6 chapters – during the month of April. It’s a letter full of encouragement for a church community that was facing pressures from within and without, and I think it will be encouragement for us as we face many of those same pressures today.

Paul begins his letter saying,

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realm with every spiritual blessing in Christ.”

You see, our faith in Christ makes a difference right here and right now – our faith can guide us through life’s ups and downs, it can shape our relationships with one another, it can bring meaning to our work, it can help us be good stewards of all that we’ve been given, and it can remind us of the hope and future we have through Him.

In Christ,

Pastor Rebecca


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