GRACE Adult Sunday School Class

The GRACE class (God Reaching Adults with Children Everywhere) offers contemporary studies with discussion related to Christian faith and being a grown-up in the modern world.  This adult ministries class is open to all adults 18 years and over.  Visitors are welcome at any time.  All study materials will be provided.  This class is held during the Sunday school hour on Sunday mornings.

Contact Lena Beeson for more information about the GRACE Class.

Each week we have a plan and we would like invite anyone from the church who might be interested to join our quest in DOING something.  Our first week we spent 1 hour with screw drivers tightening the pew screws.  Have you ever noticed how wobbly some of the pews have become?  If so we hope you are feeling more secure since we did some DOING and helped the church be a more comfortable and maybe safer place to be…that was week one.  Week 2 we bought gift cards in support of the COPE Christmas “Adopt a Family” program. This week we used class donation funds to buy new toys for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Virtual Toy Drive.  We utilized SCRIP to purchase Legos, crafts, playing cards, activity tables and toys in support of their quest to improve interactive play for in- and out-patients.  And we had a great time deciding, purchasing, donating and DOING something that we felt was important and needed during this Christmas season. 

January – 2022

The Grace Sunday School Class is having a Movie Night on Sunday, January 16, 2022. Food provided.