Epworth Village to Open Child Care Center in January

Epworth Village in York, Nebraska, has announced the January opening of a child care center in York during the Great Plains United Methodist Women’s annual conference meeting Sept. 29, 2017.

“Our goal is to have the center open in January of 2018 with the name, Little Jewels Child Care and Enrichment Center.”

Louise Niemann (pictured), president of the Epworth Village board of directors and member of the facilities task force, made the announcement during her keynote message with 186 United Methodist Women from across Nebraska and Kansas in attendance.

The child care name pays homage to Mother’s Jewels Home, the 1889 name given to what became Epworth Village in 1959. The home started as a residential orphanage for those arriving on the storied 1880s orphan trains.

York is experiencing a child care shortage with issues of waiting-lists, lack of early childhood education/enrichment, lack of child care for infants, lack of transportation and a shortage of providers that accept the state child care subsidy for low-income families. This new center will continue Epworth’s mission of helping children and families become stronger and united, said Niemann.

“Over the past few months Epworth Village leaders have been making plans,” CEO Margaret Donovan said. “Following the vision set out in our strategic plan to strengthen our offerings to the community, we are pleased to make much-needed, family-centered child care available.”

Little Jewels Child Care and Enrichment Center will be located at 216 W. 16th St. in York. It is the former location of Epworth Village’s learning center used for residential students and their families. That ministry was discontinued this year.

The Epworth Village mission is to provide comprehensive family-centered services that bring hope and healing to children, youth and families across Nebraska in a compassionate and caring manner. Epworth is expanding and known for in-home family and foster care services across the state. The new child care facility will be an additional service offered and benefit local families in the York vicinity.

“Epworth Village is poised and ready to help children and their families living in the area find quality child care and early childhood development opportunities,” Donovan said. “We believe we have the right venue, experience and relationships to provide children a quality early-childhood education experience, focused on the needs of the whole family and at affordable rates.”

Epworth Village Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and healing to children, youth and families across Nebraska through In-Home Family and Foster Care Services and support. Epworth Village has continuously been a national mission institution of the United Methodist Women of the United Methodist Church since 1889, and as Epworth Village since 1959.


This information is from the October 4th issue of the GP Connect.


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