Epiphany Sunday 2018

Elkhorn Hills UMC celebrated Epiphany Sunday with the children.   Pastor Rebecca opened the service, which led into the special music, the Children’s Epiphany Play, and Children’s time.  Following the service, Pastor Rebecca invited the play perfomers to circle the Christmas Tree in the narthex so the congregation could greet them and accept acclamation, which they did and thoroughly enjoyed.

Morning Prayer

God of Advent, of waiting and hoping, keep our hearts expectant, ready for your coming among us.  God of Christmas, of celebration and rejoicing, make our hearts glad with the joy nothing can take away from us.  God of Epiphany, of hiding and making known, fill our hearts with wonder at the revelation of your glory that we have seen in Christ, our Lord.  Amen

Special Music

Special music of “We Three Kings” was performed as a violin duet by Taryn Geiger and Lucia Smith.  They were amazing!

Children’s Epiphany Play

Once again our own Stan Holt wrote and directed an outstanding, original play for the children.  “The Journey” told the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born.  It was humorous, cute, and done well.  There were 17 children who participated in the play and they all did a great job!  Thank you also to Sherry Wade, Megan Wilson, Torrie Cammack and Christina Schroeder for their help throughout rehearsals and the performance.

The cast included:

  • Old Wisemen (Jace Carney, Waylon Schroeder, and Maddy Tillman);
  • Young Wisemen (Anney Weides, Chloe Wilson, and Mackenzie McBeth);
  • Angels (Lexi Weides, Isaac Tillman, and Brennan Ritter);
  • Gabriel (Evie Wade)
  • Mary (Brooke Wade)
  • Joseph (Madison Bossert)
  • Camels (Kellen Weides and Julia Wilson)
  • Animals (Isobel McBeth, Madison Hughes, and Micah Plouzek)
  • Jesus (Samuel Plouzek)

The reviews are unanimous … “well done, cast and crew!”

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