Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Photos!

Elkhorn Hills UMC marked the beginning of Holy Week with special music, the parade of palms, and an Easter Egg Hunt.  Children hunted for over 500 Easter Eggs!  The outdoor Easter Egg Hunt was replaced with indoor fun due to the cool and extremely windy conditions.  A good time was had by guests, friends, and members!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Thanks to everyone who helped!  Thanks to Scott Avery for the photos!

Check out our photo gallery (below).  Also included is some information about the meaning of Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter Egg Hunts.

Palm Sunday

Palm Fronds
Palm Fronds

Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday. It is also known as Passion Sunday.

Palm Sunday refers to Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem for the Passover.  It was a time when Jerusalem was packed with many times the normal number of inhabitants.  Jesus was acclaimed by excited crowds who greeted him with joyful shouting.  The Bible reveals that when Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds greeted him by waving palm branches and covering his path with palm branches.

They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Blessed is the King of Israel!” (NIV John 12:13)

Waving and use of palm branches during the time of Christ was understood by everyone as a symbol of triumph and victory, praise and the presence of royalty.  It simply meant he was being treated as the ‘future King’ in the gospels.   Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus, he begins his journey to the cross.

The biblical account of Palm Sunday can be found in Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; and John 12:12-19.

Holy Week Schedule

Additional services will be held this week in recognition of Holy Week.

  • A 7 pm Maundy Thursday drama and communion service on April 2nd.
  • Easter Sunday youth-led Sunrise Service at 6:30 am.  They will present a beautiful skit about keeping Jesus in our lives and driving out the sin.
  • Regular Easter services will be held at 9:00 and 10:15 am.
  • There will be no Sunday School classes or Children’s Choir on Easter Sunday.

Egg Hunt

In Christianity, Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus.  The egg appears to be like the stone of a tomb, a bird hatches from it with life.  Similarly, the Easter egg is a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave, and that those who believe will also experience eternal life.

Some Christians view Easter eggs, or other candies and treats, as symbols of joy and celebration (as they were forbidden during the fast of Lent) and as a “taste” of new life and resurrection that they have in Jesus Christ.  The Easter egg tradition may also have merged into the celebration of the end of the Lent in the Western culture.  Eggs were originally forbidden during Lent as well as on other traditional fast days in Western Christianity.

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