Doing Good Bible Study

The GRACE Adult Sunday School class will begin 2016 with the Bible study, DOING GOOD What happens when Christians LIVE like Christians by Chip Ingram.

In this 8-session DVD study on the book of Titus, Chip reveals the four key reasons why doing good matters so much.   According to Scripture, doing good is not just a suggestion.  It is a very powerful command and calling, and it can be costly.  However, the price of not doing good can be even more significant.

With his practical, relevant approach, Chip unpacks what doing good can do in and through you for the glory of God and the benefit of others. This series includes the following messages:

  • Why Doing Good Matters So Much
  • Doing Good – Where It All Begins
  • The High Cost of Not Doing Good
  • How Doing Good Will Change Your World

Join the GRACE class during the Sunday school hour starting January 10, 2016. Stop by and check us out.  Questions? Contact: Lena Beeson at


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