Congratulations Scott Avery!

At the annual Elkhorn High School Honors Night on May 17, 2017, Elkhorn Hills UMC member Scott Avery received the “Service to Youth” award.  Below is the text from the award presentation.  Scott is a very worthy recipient of this recognition.  Congratulations, Scott!

2017 Service to Youth Award announcement

Tonight we are honored to award our 2017 Elkhorn High School Service to Youth award to a man who continually exhibits characteristics of selflessness, kindness, and dedication toward this school and this community.

The man we are honoring tonight has been a helpful presence at EHS long after his own daughter graduated in 2014.  It would be easy for a parent to cut their ties to this school right then and there.  As their own child moves on, many parents will begin a new phase of their lives as well.  Yet this man had different ideas.

Combining a personal love for the art of photography along with an innate devotion to the city of Elkhorn, this man has attended countless Elkhorn sporting events on his personal quest to curate memories.  He can be spotted throughout the year, whether at football, basketball, volleyball, track and field, or virtually any other activity we offer.  He silently captures the fleeting moments that we all look back on years from now and cherish.  He wanders from event to event, with no grand introduction and asking of no praise.  Out of his own generosity, he enthusiastically takes on this role.

His outstanding photographic ability has no equal, but the true secret to this man’s success is his massive heart, which guides him on these journeys and touches those around him.  Attending these events is not considered “going out of his way,” he genuinely enjoys getting these photos and if he has the time, you can find him at almost any EHS event.  His little acts of kindness have meant the world to various individuals at Elkhorn High School, especially the yearbook staff.  Whether its donating his own stunning photos when groups are running short and on crunch time to finish a spread, offering to help students figure out how to work their camera, or giving an extra memory card when one is in need, he is miraculously always around, like an everyday superhero.

He has graciously provided cameras and instructional books to the journalism program at EHS, as well as offering to to come to classes and teach students on how to capture the shots he does.  When this man devotes himself to photographing Elkhorn events, he is not searching for money, attention, or fame.  He simply has a deep passion for photography and Elkhorn, and this love shows to everyone around him.  Friends and Elkhorn natives cheerfully consider him to be supportive, helpful, and a true Elkhorn advocate through and through.

Congratulations to our 2017 Elkhorn High School Service to Youth award winner, Mr. Scott Avery!

Congratulatory Comments

Various comments received about his honor include:

“After years of sitting through all of my award ceremonies for gymnastics, cheer, and everything else I was involved with, I am so glad I could be present to watch my dad receive the Service to Youth Award! Congratulations, I am so proud of you! You deserve it! I love you so much!”

“Nice to see a great guy getting some recognition.

Well deserved Mr. Avery!

Way to go Avery 


Service to EHUMC

Elkhorn Hills echoes the comments about Scott for the 2017 Service to Youth award.  He is also actively involved at Elkhorn Hills UMC.  He is the guy running the A/V booth for the 10:30 service, taking pictures of church events, singing in the Chancel Choir and the men’s quartet, he is running the Elkhorn Hills branch of the United Methodist Men, awarding prizes, cooking food, chaperoning youth events, etc.  Scott is a blessing to all of us in the Elkhorn community.  Thank you, Scott.  Well done!

Scott Avery Photo Gallery

Since Scott is behind the camera most of the time, we don’t have a lot of photos of him.  But, we found a few.  Thanks again, Scott.  🙂


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