Baptism joins Christians everywhere, and is a symbol of new life and forgiveness of sins. Persons of any age can be baptized once, and the method can be sprinkling, immersion or pouring.

Scrip News

Thanks to all the loyal supporters of the Scrip Program.  Elkhorn Hills has participated in the program for over 10 years and supported many projects during that time.  Earlier this year, $3,000 was given to Mission Shares, which has been our main focus. Remember, Christmas is right around the corner.  Please consider ordering your gift…

Scrip Cards

The SCRIP cards that the church sells are the same as gift cards.  There is no fee involved when you purchase the card. When you use the card, a percentage of your purchase goes back to the church.  The percentages vary. Mission Committee member Lori Hullinger sells the cards between services on Sunday morning.  There…

Mission of the Month

Jana’s Fund

The Koopman family created Jana’s Fund to keep Jana’s memory and spirit alive. It serves as a reminder to be aware of those in need. Donations to replenish Jana’s Fund are accepted so those going through a rough patch can find a bit of relief.