Camp Sunday 2015

Camp Sunday at Elkhorn Hills was awesome!  I’m sorry if you were unable to attend the Camp Sunday Service on April 26th.  We had beautiful and fun music (this is the last Chancel Choir performance for the season), a guest speaker (our own Derek Bergman), a great message on “Happy Campers” and a bunny.  I want s’more!

Message “Happy Campers”

Pastor Nancy’s Camp Sunday message was called “Happy Campers.”  She told how almost all the people in the Old Testament were campers.  They lived in tents, they worshiped outside, and they relied on what God provided for them to live.  Depending on your version of the Bible, the words “tent, tents, and tentmakers” appear over 150 times in the Bible.  Abraham lived in a tent.  Moses and all the people of the Exodus lived in tents.  They were campers.  They had a special tent, a moveable place to worship, which they called their tabernacle.  Tabernacle

The Apostle Paul was a very good tentmaker.   Paul did not forsake the art of tentmaking even when he was ministering the Word of God!  He spoke about how our bodies are like tents, they break down and we leave our tent to go to a permanent home with God.

For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.  ….  For while we are in this tent, we groan and are burdened… awaiting our heavenly dwelling.   2 Corinthians 5:1, 2

Special Music

A special part in Pastor Nancy’s Camp Sunday message included a modified version of Allan Sherman’s song, “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp).”  allan sherman imageThis entertaining parody was performed by Paul Dritley and Deb Eidam.

The lyrics of the song are based on letters he received from his son while at camp and include things like bad weather, dangerous things like an alligator in the pool, and how a fellow camper goes missing or contracting deadly illnesses.  At the end, he notes that the rain has stopped and fun activities have begun (such as swimming, sailing, and baseball), and asks his parents to “kindly disregard this letter”.

Many valuable lessons are learned at camp.  Many of the lessons are learned while having fun.  Today is a gift God has given you, so Live, Laugh, Love and appreciate His gift.

Camp Fontanelle Camping Report

camp fontanelleEHUMC member Derek Bergman is the Assistant Director of Camp Fontanelle.  He spoke about his love of camp and the different camps that are available this summer.  “You are never too old for camp,” according to Bergman who also spoke about employment, volunteer opportunities, and the 48-hour weekend camp available for adults.  Camp Fontanelle is just 30 minutes away and is a great way to get away, enjoy lots of great outdoors activities, and unplug.

The Great Plains Camps have incredible outreach to their communities and beyond.  There are 5 camps within the Great Plans United Methodist Camp system.  These camps are located in Fontanelle, NE; Chadron, NE; Cozad, NE; Ottawa, KS; and Arkansas City, KS.

Elkhorn Hills UMC has had a strong, long-time relationship with Camp Fontanelle and is the only church in the conference with 4 site council members within its membership.  Camp Fontanelle  . . . knowing YOU are part of God’s creation.  Check out the Camp Fontanelle website for more information.

Children’s Time

The children enjoyed talking about the fun Camp Fontanelle activities during children’s time.  They also enjoyed petting Copper, one of the Camp Fontanelle bunnies.  Ss'moreome of the activities the kids enjoy include:  swimming, GaGa Ball, the jumping pillow, hiking, tree climbing, archery, the zip-line, campfire worship, riding horses, and s’mores!

You know what they say about camp . . . I want s’more!

New Members

In addition to Camp Sunday, Elkhorn Hills UMC welcomed new members.  The young family of Cory, Sami and Darren Zelfel joined, as well as, the young family of Brett and Erin Ritter.  Both of these young men grew up in our church, moved away, and now are back.  The new members were given a welcome bag, which included information about Elkhorn Hills UMC and a gift.  Welcome!  We are glad you are here!


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