Camp Fontanelle shows record-breaking numbers

The Camp Fontanelle summer season has come to an end. The grounds are now quiet and there seems to be an emptiness in the 192 acres.

But it was a wonderful season at Camp Fontanelle. There was a week when there were 128 campers on site. That number was 20 percent higher than any week in the history of the camp.

God was present with those (and all) campers in 2017.

This summer saw the greatest number of campers to have an opportunity to meet God at camp. The most campers in the history of the camp, God took the opportunity to work in the lives of campers while experiencing all that Camp Fontanelle has to offer.

For a second year, Camp Fontanelle was asked to learn how lives had been impacted by their experience at camp. Not counting the adult-and-child camps, campers were asked how camp impacted in strengthening their relationship with God.

One hundred and forty campers said that they accepted Christ for the first time. There were 205 who said they had rededicated their life to Christ while at camp. When asked if they felt a call to ministry as a pastor, 72 said they felt God calling them. Through prayer and praise, 153 campers said they wanted to go back to their church and serve in a greater capacity.

Please pray for all of the church camps. Pray for the churches that had campers attend a church camp session that they may find a place for the camper to serve. Especially pray for the campers, that their faith may continue to grow; pray that their relationship with God deepens and they take their new or revitalized energy to be a great servant to our Lord.

This is why we do camp; with God’s help, we have an opportunity to impact lives for the transformation of the world. And their spark may happen while zipping on a zipline or rope and harness tree climbing at camp! Camp Fontanelle lived their mission in impacting lives through an intentional Christian community. Look for great things to come!

— Jane Van Horn, camp coordinator

(This information is shared from the August 9th digital edition of GP Connect.  Download the printable version of the Aug. 9 issue of GPconnect here.)


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