Box Tops for Education

Just a reminder that the Missions Committee is collecting Box Tops for Education for Epworth Village.  The collection bin is in the breezeway–left side–as you enter the church.  Below is some information about how the Box Top program has helped Epworth Village in their mission in 2016.

Epworth Village 2016 Data

This past year Epworth Village, York, NE, served 45 boys in a group home, 49 youth at their school, 40 children and youth through their foster care program, and 36 families and 77 children were helped through their in-home family services program.  They redeemed 82,970 Box Tops for Education coupons for 2016, which was $8,297 to support their educational services.

About Epworth Village

Epworth Village, Inc., is a National Mission Institution of the United Methodist Church.  Located in York and Grand Island, Neb., Epworth Village, Inc. focuses on family-centered treatment for male children ages 7 to 18 and their families who are dealing with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. The agency serves more than 1,000 people a month.

Their mission is to provide family-centered treatment to bring HOPE & HEALING to youth and families in a compassionate and caring manner.

To succeed in their mission, Epworth Village uses a collaboration of cutting edge concepts developed by a wide-range of professionals, and is constantly researching trends and new treatment modalities.

Epworth Village is that village for children dealing with issues such as oppositional defiant disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse disorders and the list goes on.  We believe it truly does take a “village to raise a child.”

Elkhorn Hills UMC supports Epworth Village

Elkhorn Hills UMC supports Epworth Village by donating money and supplies, providing volunteers and labor services, and by collecting “Box Tops for Education” and  “Labels for Education” found on various food products.  You can help, too.   Simply bring the collected tops and labels with you to church and drop them off in the cabinet located in the main entry way.  Click on the link to view how EHUMC supports Epworth Village.

  • Box Tops for Education: These do expire but if collected in time are worth 10 cents each, paid directly to Epworth Village.
  • Labels for Education: These do not expire but the bar-code and the point-value, if it has one, needs to be included. Each is worth 1, 3, 5, 10, or 100 points.   Epworth Village collects points to purchase items!

Want more information about Epworth Village?  Visit them at:



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